Independent for over 5 Years - Get in touch with your Project requirements

Our Evolution

Experience has developed through our clients - we have come a long way


We learn from our clients before advising so we avoid any dangerous preconceptions of what might be needed.  Every Client has different drivers, expectations and requirements so we tailor our service specifically to engage at that level :


Definition of Morphosis - a process of continual or rapid change. 

evo-m is an organisation that listens first, 

we have no preconceived ideas and want your business to thrive, 

we strategically work alongside you to deliver your vision 

allowing your business to morph naturally into its future.

Let’s discuss expectations and then find the appropriate solutions - that's the mantra


evo-m can’t work in isolation, we connect bespoke teams to match your identity. 

We are hands on at every stage, talk to us - we will only operate on projects where we believe we can add value to your future.

A client relationship requires trust and confidence, we have to gel as personalities

Attention to detail  -  CARE 

Every business has its unique personality and culture, no two projects or clients are the same.  

We aim to find that 'feeling' to match the business and property drivers. 

We aim to get your vision matched to the optimum delivery strategy, discovering an evolution in your future, alongside you. 

If we can’t add value, we won’t offer service but will advise of others that could help.

evo-m are transparent thinkers, we use pens and paper, and roll our sleeves up becoming immersed in the schemes we engage in, 

we are after all representing your image and energy with our construction and delivery expertise  

we will ask questions - and will always put forward our opinion on how to solve or justify a decision 

Attention to Detail


Our service is keen to offer the optimum solutions with a real quality. This detail is a ceiling panel, but is an integrated idea around:


thermal mass - heating 

light quality - enviromental 

robustness -  maintenance friendly 

honesty - structural as well as material simplicity 

challenge evolved from client brief   

worked through with Architects Fielden Clegg

Communicating and collaborative management


We actively work up delivery models with the whole client / consultant team, not in isolation, we aim to:

get full interaction between all parties in workshops

demonstrate a strategy that works up logic

consider procurement options best suited to delivery 

define an approach prior to commiting to gant programme tools

provide a walkthrough of 'How to do it' 

and adjust and adapt when changes occur

There's clients - lots of projects...........